Saturday, June 16, 2007

God drowned your grampa

So, this little girl and her grandfather went for a swim. Grandpa drowned and the kid was lost in the woods for 2 nights. She survived. Gramps kicked it.

Tricia Little, a close family friend of Hannah's parents, said David Klamecki taught the girl and her two younger sisters about the outdoors. She credits that instruction -- and God -- with Hannah's survival.

Hannah's father, Mike Klamecki, is senior pastor at New Hope Community Church in Villa Park. Little's husband, Brian, said parishioners have been "praying for his whole family."

"Obviously, we're giving all the glory to God on this one," Brian Little said.

So, God heard your prayers and saved your little girl, eh? Well, then you also have to believe that God killed her grandfather and made her wander the woods for 2 nights. You can't just praise God for the good stuff and hold the bad stuff blameless.

Monday, June 11, 2007


So, I liked the final episode. I liked how it ended, too. Nothing spectacular. Just "a day in the life" of a NJ gangster. That's what the show was about - flawed people living an existance that's at some times interesting, and other times banal. The ending was fitting. Good work.

Was Tony going to get whacked? Who knows? Who cares? Sure, maybe he will, maybe he won't. The same could be said about him having another cappicola on rye. Ending it between this breath and the next is just as good as ending it between two breaths next week or next year.

I guess I will have to get back to online gaming, since all my HBO and Showtime shows are in repeats or defunct. Same goes for the handful of network shows worth watching...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humans first!

Who the hell cares about stupid chickens and pigs? Have any of you ever actually MET a chicken? They're positively moronic, with or without their heads attached. Pigs? Tasty, but ultimately only surviving because we take care of them. Javelinas? Yeah, keep them "wild and free" but domesticated porkers are just that - meat waiting to be cooked up and consumed.

What I want Burger King to do is better care for the HUMANS in their employ. Better wages, benefits to include health, education, retirement, etc. Oh, and making their food less revolting would be another good thing. Plus cleaner bathrooms. I can't recall ever being in a clean BK lavatory.

Anyway, humans first! We're not at the top of the food chain because we're "friendly."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, I kind of like ASP.NET

Yeah, I'm continually annoyed by Microsoft Windows and thoroughly underwhelmed by a number of their "innovations," but so far, I'm really quite impressed with ASP.NET. I've built a couple of small applications that took surprisingly less time to implement than I expected. It helps that I had recently dove into Java development and finally sort of "get" OOP. Since ASP.NET is OO and entirely event-driven, it really takes a lot of work out of building useful web sites. Yes, it can also be used to write Windows applications, but I'm not interested in that.

Anyway, you ought to check out their MSDN site and download their free Visual Web Developer Express. It can't do everything Visual Studio can, but it will let you create cool ASP.NET applications. Don't have a Windows box? Got an Intel-based Mac? Get Parallels Desktop and run XP. That can serve ASP.NET (you just have to install IIS manually) and run the Visual Studio tools quite nicely.

So, don't call me a "hater." I like Microsoft's products when (and only when) they're superior in some way to what's available. I still dislike their monopolistic, proprietary tendencies, but they can also be pretty magnanimous at times. They just have to be convinced it's in their best (business) interest to do so. ASP.NET is good stuff, and it's one reason I'll recommend more Windows in our server closet and developer's desks (OS X is still my first recommendation for non-developers).

Thursday, March 30, 2006


I have oft spoken of the need for the Defense Against Zombies Act, which would require the removal of teeth or dental fixtures from any deceased person prior to burial. This would ensure that any reincarnation event would be minimally disruptive, as zombies are fundamentally useless without a means of biting the non-undead. In the post-911 world, we can't be too careful.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My new religion - Antitheism

So, I've decided that I'm no longer content with being a simple atheist. I used to be a Roman Catholic. Then I was a poor Roman Catholic, followed by an agnostic, then an athiest. Ultimately, the more I learned, the less religious I felt. There was a time when the very idea of religion didn't bother me. To each their own. Well, screw that. Human society is in danger of descending into the dark ages again, and it's time we atheists took back rational thought, and demanded it of others. A war on Christianity? Hell, yes! And then on to Muslims and every other Hebrew sect. Don't forget the Hindus or even the Zoroastrians (sorry Freddie). The Rastafari will be spared for the time being. They're fun to hang out with. So, watch out religious people of the world! We've declared pre-emptive war, and we're not going to stand for your shit any longer. So help me god!