Saturday, June 16, 2007

God drowned your grampa

So, this little girl and her grandfather went for a swim. Grandpa drowned and the kid was lost in the woods for 2 nights. She survived. Gramps kicked it.

Tricia Little, a close family friend of Hannah's parents, said David Klamecki taught the girl and her two younger sisters about the outdoors. She credits that instruction -- and God -- with Hannah's survival.

Hannah's father, Mike Klamecki, is senior pastor at New Hope Community Church in Villa Park. Little's husband, Brian, said parishioners have been "praying for his whole family."

"Obviously, we're giving all the glory to God on this one," Brian Little said.

So, God heard your prayers and saved your little girl, eh? Well, then you also have to believe that God killed her grandfather and made her wander the woods for 2 nights. You can't just praise God for the good stuff and hold the bad stuff blameless.

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Steve Ballmer said...

You need help son!